THE HEROIN AWARENESS FOUNDATION is a self-funded, volunteer organization designed to provide non-professional, unbiased information, discussion, personal connection, encouragement and resources for families and individuals affected by heroin and other drugs of abuse.

Most parents never dream that their kids will end up on heroin and many doubt that their kids will even use drugs at all.

Most kids donít set out to be heroin addicts either.

Its no wonder that we all find it hard to believe that our children, friends, brothers, sisters, sonís, daughters, neighbors etc. are becoming hopelessly physically addicted to opiates, overdosing and in some cases, (12 in the last two years in McHenry County) dying of heroin related causes.

We are particularly aware of the specific needs of the heroin (opiate) addicted group and the difficulty that these special needs impose. One of those needs is good information and direct talk about options.

Our intention is, of course, to support drug-free living; however, we may come at this from a number of angles. Many times drug-free living is already not a current option and we need to be thinking about medical problems such as what type of detoxification is best, whether a synthetic substitute like methadone or longer acting compounds might be involved in treatment, whether a given individual can be maintained in the community with the proper support (and what that support might look like) or whether long-term treatment, Ĺ-way house, longer-term residential programming or Outdoor wilderness isolation or boot camp type programming fits.

We want to provide our readers with up-to-date information from as many angles as we can (from 12 step programs to harm reduction methods) and would like to stay open to the newest as well as the tried and true methods. Our site (your site as we are self-supporting through your donations) can act as a forum, a discussion center, a place of hope and awareness with room for all opinions. We hope that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and by enlisting your thoughts, experiences (stories), feelings, opinions and information we will be better prepared to deal with this problem.



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