Warning Signs Of Heroin Use

Here are some symptoms or clues that are key indicators of possible heroin use.  Please see the note below.

   Unkempt appearance/hygiene issues
   Missing cash/valuables, stealing/borrowing money
   Change in performance, academic or otherwise
   Drug paraphernalia
   Apathy and/or lethargy
   Possession of unexplained valuables
   Runny nose
   Change in friends
   Little or no motivation
   Incurring unusually large miles on the odometer of car
   Ignores consequences of chosen behaviors
   Withdrawal from usual friends, activities, or interests
   Eyes appear "lost" or have faraway look
   Excess or sudden sleep
   Slurred speech
   Loss of interest in usual, healthy activities
   No interest in future plans
   Broken commitments
   Hostility towards others
   Unexplained absences at work, school or family events
   Poor self-image
   Running away
   Difficulty in maintaining employment

Please note - some of these signs are common to adolescent behavior, indicative of irresponsibility or psychological problems like depression and do not necessarily mean someone is using heroin.  If one or more signs were noted, it would be wise to follow-up and identify the source (s) of the problem.


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